Test of Markdown publishing

Right, so publishing/posting a note written in "Smart" format only worked partially. The rendering of it that is. Now I've installed the Markdown add-on, and that is what I am using right now to type this note. Let's see how till will look when published.

Headline 2

Headline 3

Headline 4

Headline 5
Headline 6

Here comes a bullet list:

  • First bullet
  • Second bullet
    • First sub-bullet to second bullet
    • Second sub-bullet to second bullet
  • Third bullet

Can I make checklists? ~~Let's try~~:

  • [ ] First checkbox
  • [ ] Second checkbox
  • [x] Third checkbox

Numbered list:

  1. First list item
  2. Second list item 2.1. First sub-item to second list item 2.3. Second sub-item to second list item
  3. Third list item

I had to sort out the numbering manually on the sub-items, at least in the preview.

Here comes a code block:

Here is some code
Here is more code

This is not within the code block. Here is a word that should be code specific though.

Here comes a table:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Text 1.1 Text 2.1 Text 3.1
Text 1.2 Text 2.2 Text 3.2
Text 1.3 Text 2.3 Text 3.3

This would be a quote

[!tip] Admonitions?
Is this a tip?
Nope. That was a shame, it would have been great and is such a great addition to Markdown in general.

Here is a linked image:

Here comes a bunch of links, just to see if I can do Markdown reference linking:

My "real" blog
My other not-so-real blog
My main Fediverse account

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